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Solitude - Rude Hearst


Rudolph "Rude" Hearst
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This is Rudolph "Rude" Hearst's journal. He's 30 years old and has been a member of ShinRa Electric Power Company's Department of Administrative Research for the past eight years. Thought I'd give some info on Rude, as his fandom's obscure and most people aren't familiar with him (plus, much of his info comes from my head rather than from canon). He's quite tall (well over six and a half feet) and muscled, broad-shouldered, dark-skinned, handsome, solid. There are many scars and tattoos. Yes, those are multiple earrings, and no, he doesn't often take the sunglasses off. He has a dry sense of humor that can occasionally be prodded toward mischief and utter silliness, and he has a deep voice. He's a listener, not shy; he speaks when he has something to say, rather than letting whatever comes to his mind spill out. That leads many non-discerning people to see him as a big, scary, silent thug. Granted, at times, that's sort of accurate, but when not on the job, he's gentle (though he'd mutter if he heard anybody say it). He has rather unexpected tastes; he likes art, reading, philosophy, orchestral and jazz music, fine wine, good food... He has loved history and languages since he was a child, and has a remarkable amount of each in his head. Despite his appearance, he's actually quite a good cook and has been playing the piano since he was a young child. But then he's also in his element in fights and seedy bars; he listens to rap and hip hop with the same attentiveness that he does classical. He's a good shot with a handgun and even better at causing damage with his fists. He likes his car a lot and does much of the work on it himself; he follows the city's baseball team rabidly, and he's just as happy with a cheap beer in his hand as a flute of Dom Perignon. He can curse like a sailor. (That whole chunk right there? Yeah, that'd be why he gets along with Reno). He's very in control of himself at all times, almost to the point of shutting things down and hiding emotion, and that often makes it difficult for people to look past the exterior and see the highly intelligent, quiet man inside.

He doesn't actively seek out RP, but he would most definitely be open to it. Muns and pups are simply reminded that if he seems disinterested, it is not at all the case. It's just his habit to listen more than talk.

Square-Enix and its subsidiaries own Final Fantasy 7, Rude, and everything else. This journal's written purely for entertainment (and is a member over at theatrical_muse), and the mun is receiving zero profit of any kind from it. Journal set pregame.